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Fundraising Friends of Music FAQS 2021-2022 

1. Why do we fundraise? The primary reason we fundraise is so that students can self fund their trips and financial obligations that go along with being a Lancer band member. The second reason is that FOM supports all of the music programs at all grade levels, including scholarships at graduation. 

2. Who is responsible for fundraising? We all are: students, families, FOM board, and music staff. Ultimately the more your student fundraises (the majority of fundraisers we do will be for the individual student accounts) the less you pay out of pocket. 

3. What if we as a family do not want to participate in fundraising or ask others for support? That is perfectly okay! A family may choose to pay out of pocket for all costs. 

4. How often do we fundraise? The amount of fundraising we do depends upon the type and number of trips planned. For example, this year we have approval to travel to Disney World during April vacation. The approximate (and we mean estimate, as the travel conditions change and insurance needed to protect your money in case of cancelation) cost for each student is in the ballpark of $1500. So we are planning on having fundraising start during Band Camp and run a new one (method will vary) monthly at least until final trip payments are due sometime in February. 

5. What happens when we have multiple trips or travel to an event like the Rose Bowl parade or NY City St. Patrick’s Day parade? We do more fundraising and potentially for longer than a year. 

6. What happens to the fundraising money in my child’s account at the end of the school year? Any monies raised by your student that is in their Charms account will stay in the account for future use until graduation. Also please note that at the end of a fundraiser, it takes roughly 2 weeks for our Treasure to get the monies into each band member’s account. Upon graduation, any fundraising monies left in your students’ account will be transferred to the FOM general fund, as it can not be returned to families in light of our non-profit status. If your student has a younger sibling entering or in the band, the money from your older child’s account can be passed onto the next child. Sorry, it only applies to siblings. 

7. What kind of fundraisers do we participate in? We are always open for ideas and we try to focus on a variety of products, services, raffles, etc. For example this year we are definitely doing a Mattress Fundraiser (where if a person purchases a mattress, they mention your child’s name and then your child gets the portion of that mattress allotted directly). We are kicking off this year with a Gourmet Popcorn contactless fundraiser during Band Camp. We are also hoping to do a sneaker drive, pizza dough, sale, Yard Clean Up (the kids get paid by homeowners to perform yard work), and a Poinsettia sale. 

Please visit our fundraising calendar which has our tentative plans: 

***If YOU or your employer has products (especially sporting event tickets), services, etc. that would be available for donation for fundraising for the students or if you would like to assist with managing a fundraiser please reach out to: Kelley Howard at or (603) 620-0129