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The Londonderry School District music program provides meaningful, creative, and well-rounded instruction that further prepares our students for 21st-century colleges and careers. The skillset that is taught through music education helps students gain a better sense of creativity, discipline, perseverance, responsibility, and many other valuable skills needed for today’s world. The information in this executive summary shows how many children’s lives are affected by the supportive community of educators in this school district and how we can further our plan for success.

There are approximately 1400 students involved in performing ensembles throughout the entire school district. General music continues to be offered at all three levels and provides an opportunity for students who wish to enrich their educational experience with positive music education.

Beginning instrumental and vocal ensembles at the elementary schools continue to provide students with the fundamental skills necessary to move on to the middle school music program. Currently, we have 70 students in the 5th-grade band and 50 students in 4th and 5th-grade beginning strings.

The music department is extremely proud of the Middle Schools' commitment to providing music education to all students for all three years. This model is unique in that it creates an atmosphere early on in a child’s education that takes the anxiety out of playing an instrument, making music enjoyable to learn. Approximately 80% of all middle school students participate in a performing ensemble, while 15% take General Music. On a normal year, this breaks down to 13 bands, 13 chorus, 3 orchestras, and 10 general music classes. After school offerings include Jazz Band, Pop Stars, and Clef Singers, as well as Colorguard in the spring.

Finally, the high school music program continues to thrive with approximately one-third of the school’s population involved with the various performing ensembles and music enrichment classes. The pride of the Londonderry community is the world-famous Lancer Marching Band which currently has 220 students. On a yearly basis, we offer several elective classes which include five periods of band, two periods of chorus, two periods of jazz band, one period of string orchestra, four sections of piano fundamentals, and one period of Music Interactive.

Lancer Music Staff

Serge Beaulieu – Band Director and Director of Music

T: (603) 432-6941 ext. 2317 E:

Joe Mundy – Assistant Band, Orchestra, and Jazz Band Director

T: (603) 432-6941 ext. 2312 E:

Danielle Loschiavo – Choir Director, Piano, and Music Theory

T: (603) 432-6941 ext. 2312 E:

Who we are

Serge Beaulieu

Music Director

Joe Mundy

Band, Orchestra, and Jazz Band Assistant Director

Danielle Loschiavo

Choir Director

Londonderry Friends of Music

The Londonderry Friends of Music Organization (FOM) is a vibrant organization, committed to supporting the music programs at Londonderry High School and throughout the Londonderry School District.

2021 - 2022

FOM Executive Board

President - Lara McIntyre -

Vice President - Kelley Howard -

Secretary - Jennifer Dupuis -

Treasurer - Kathy Batchelor -

Treasurer-Elect - Karla Lees -


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